Montana on the Macalister

Camping on the Macalister - FAQ

  • Yes, we allow dogs, 1 per site unless we are informed and allow more.
  • We provide a fenced off lead area so they can exercise.
  • They are also allowed to swim off lead.
  • All Dogs MUST be kept on a lead within the Campground and at your camp.
  • This is for the saftey and comfort of everyone, inluding your pet.
  • Please see our terms section for full details.
  • Yes, fires are permitted, however we do not allow private fire pits.
  • The fire pits are provided by us (at no charge).
  • Some camp stoves are permitted.
  • Fires are also subject to wind and weather conditions, and fire restrictions/total fire ban days.
  • Please see our terms section for full details.
  • We have fire wood on site that can be ordered and purchased from the office and delivered to your site.
  • You are also welcome to bring your own wood with you but it must be cut and split to size (300mm long) before entering the park.
  • Please see our terms section for full details.
  • Yes. As we allocate all sites you are able to camp with your family or friends.

  • As each party or member of the group fills out the Booking Enquiry form, simply use a surname or common word as the group reference on each form.

  • The booking request form can be found here.

  • In general NO Generators are not permitted in the campground.

  • If you need to use a generator for a particular purpose this maybe permitted but you must check with the ground staff or the office before using your generator.

  • If you have special needs and want to let us know, please use the special requirements section of the booking enquiry form.

  • Check in times are from 2pm to 9pm (12pm-7pm on Saturdays).

  • Early arrivals must be approved in advance.

  • Every guest is required to check in on first arrival, including additional vehicles on your site.

  • Any guest wishing to join a group after 9pm must inform the office before arriving. Depending on time of arrival they may be requested to park in the carpark and then taken to their site.

  • For safety and the comfort of our guest we do not permit guests driving around the park looking for family and friends. 

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