Montana on the Macalister

Hiring a Caravan to visit Montana on the Macalister



It was great to have Ian & Kate from Caravan Hire Co. stay with us for a night and check out Montana while we checked out their van 😄 We highly recommend them!

Do you have a family members and friends that you would love to bring to Montana, but they’re “non-campers”? Hiring a caravan is a great option, and they can be towed to site and set up for you, ready for when you arrive.

Families may like to hire a van and have it on site at Montana over a number of weeks, sharing time spent here and the cost between brothers, sisters, grandparents.

If you want to try caravanning before you buy, Caravan Hire Co. and Team Montana can help! Caravan Hire Co. have a range of the most popular Jayco vans – from the 16 footer through to the larger vans in the Jayco range – and Team Montana can provide assistance and the perfect camping spot for you to see if caravanning will work for you.

Contact us or Caravan Hire Co. for full details. More details on the caravans available can be found at